30 Days to Taming your Tongue

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Title: 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue: What You Say (and Don’t Say) Will Improve Your Relationships
Author: Deborah Smith Pegues
ISBN: 978-971-0495-60-3
Language(s): English
Publisher (2005): Harvest House Publisher
Publisher (2008): OMF Literature Inc.


Authored by Deborah Smith Pegues, a certified behavioral consultant, this book discusses the different troubles our tongue can get into if left uncontrolled. Like many other people, the author was once a “mouth mess-up” until she entered an extended period of verbal abstinence or what she calls a “tongue fast”.

And through God’s revelation, she was able to identify the 30 different types of unpleasant tongues we have. From the most common ones like boasting up to the surprisingly flattering words we speak, the author aims to help her readers on how can an unruly tongue be ‘tamed’.


If I have to describe it in just one word, that would best fit in the word RELEVANT!

Coming from a word war with my, ironically, church friend, it was only by ‘accident’ that I bought this book when I came to our local bookstore to find something to read. And for a man who literally cannot tame his own tongue, this book is definitely a gem in a treasure chest! Worth the price I would say!

What I love more about this book is how the author described each issue of the tongue using relevant scenarios while strongly backing it up with the Scripture.

Now after reading this, I became more aware of the words I utter that I previously think just harmless noise.

Definitely a must read!

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