Good or God? Why Good Without God isn’t Enough?

Title: Good or God? Why Good Without God Isn’t Enough
Author: John Bevere
Genre: Self-help; Religion & Spirituality
Language(s): English
Publisher: Messenger International, Inc.
Publisher (2016): Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.


In these times the terms good and God are seemingly synonymous. We believe that what is generally accepted as good must be aligned with God’s will. Generosity, humility, and justice are good. Selfishness, arrogance, and cruelty are evil. The distinction seems pretty straightforward.

But is that all there is to it? If good is so obvious, why does Hebrews 5:14 teach that we must have discernment to recognize it?


Leaders’ Thoughts

“When I read the stories of people who did unprecedented things out of love for God, I find myself longing to be among them. Good or God? speaks to what happens in the minds and hearts of those who truly embrace God’s best – rather than settling for easier counterfeits. If you share this desire to know and serve God in a radical way, I urge you to read this book.”
John C. Maxwell

With pleasant feedback from several respected leaders in the Christian community, readers are given a teaser how this book’s message can be life-transforming.


Is good enough?

Simple yet thought-provoking, John successfully intrigued my interest into answering this rather seemingly obvious query.


Initial Impression

The book contains 16 chapters with devotional and discussion questions at the last part.

Right from the beginning, it gave me a sense of I-am-here-to-expose-all-what-you-believe-to-be-true-are-lies feeling when a story he shared appeared self-absorbed. Yet despite the initial uneasiness, the very same presentiment had my focus glued on what more it has to offer.

In one look, one can easily pre-conclude that it’s just another all-about-the-author book.

However, I cannot doubt the fact that all the presented ideas and verses indeed support his convictions. Nonetheless, it is all up to the readers how they’ll accept such ideas.

Succeeding Chapters

The rest of the book discusses..

  1. How a simple, tricky question made Eve (and subsequently Adam) forget the abundance of God’s generosity.
  2. How the worldly good differs from Godly good.
  3. How Christians can set the foundation of truth to believe in.
  4. How can one love God but at the same time disobey Him.
  5. The power of God’s grace.


To begin with, I don’t see any of the messages discussed to be of lesser importance than the others. All the ideas exhibited are pieces that connect the whole puzzle together.


I personally love the section wherein the accuracy of the Scripture was scientifically supported by a science professor named Peter Stoner. By means of probability, the study discussed how Jesus fit to be the subject of what the various prophesies talked about during their time.

Its results only show how Jesus really is the Christ. Beautiful isn’t it?

Another is how a well-respected Christian leader be able to love God but still live in darkness. The answer seems obvious (actually it’s not) but the result of knowing the reason shocked me but in a way that led me to ask God to align my heart once more. And I hope other readers will feel the same way too.

Would I recommend it?

This book claims to be a not just another self-help message. It even promises to empower its readers to engage with God on a completely different level.

If I have to give a one-phrase verdict of this gem, it will be “compelling, controversial, and eye-opening!”

So yes, for people, Christians especially, that need fresh but deeper understanding of what true good really means, this is definitely a must-read!

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