May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic

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Title: May Powers Ka To Be #SuperEpic
Author: Mighty Rasing
ISBN: 978-971-009-304-5
Language(s): Tagalog
Publisher: OMF Literature Inc.


“Ordinary ka man, you can still do SuperEpic things! And yeah, optional ang pagsuot ng makulay na costume.”

Mighty’s super epic book is about encouraging the Filipino youth to go against the flow and make a positive impact in the society.



It’s my first to include a book’s overall design. Though its impact is particularly small compared to the overall content, a good and well-thought design somehow helps the readers to keep going. And sometimes, it’s what a person buys!

Going into the matter, I think Mighty, through Nixon Na’s illustrations, has succeeded in enticing his target audience. The book features superhero-inspired drawings so it somewhat gives readers a sense of being a hero. In these days where chaos and lawlessness are everywhere, who wouldn’t want to be a hero or heroine to save the day right?

And oh, the typography’s pretty cool too!

Writing Style

Mighty uses conversational tagalog as the main medium of communication. With (spot on?) humor added, he gives the book an overall feeling of like casually talking to somebody.

When I was reading it, it felt like I was just talking to my kuya (though I’m the oldest).

What I liked the most?

When I read a book, I always look for the overall development of what it says. Is the introduction aligned with the main message? If applicable, are characters consistent all throughout the story? Does it overlook any point along the way? And many more..

In other words, every single word should support the whole story or message.

The book has seven chapters to boast. Not long enough and perfect for a bored, short attention spanned youth. Just kidding!

Mighty includes real stories of how people found their passion and purpose and used those to bring positive impact in their society. Stories like Jay Jaboneta’s Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation remind me of the sole purpose of my existence. Lalim!

One of my most favorite topics is Chapter 4: Aim, then Fire.

It reminds me of how a well-measured vision can keep one in the right track.

I really am not a team player so I find Chapter 5: Assemble Your Team a bit challenging and interesting. It’s a good point that Mighty explains what a good team should look like so that vision can be more achievable.

Gray areas

Chapter 7: Iwasan Ang Kryptonite talks about the 3 big things every person should watch out for: power, money, and sex. It also discusses how can these kryptonites or enemies be avoided.

I felt that the tips discussed are a bit off the mark.


He specifically points out the 3 kryptonites. However he uses general advices instead of giving specific advices to each point. Each advice tries to cover the 3 main points but fails to do so by not giving specific examples or pointers to support.

So close yet still so far if you ask me.

Another gray area for me is about having a steady source of fuel in Chapter 3: Flame On, Pero Huwag Ma-Burnout in order not to get burned out.

I fail to see the point of giving vague details about a certain point without telling the readers what really is it all about.

Apparently, purpose being the fuel was mentioned once at the end of the previous chapter so I would assume it is also the subject in this section.

Would I recommend it?

At first I thought this is just another book to kill my spare time and that it will have little relevance on me. I was wrong!

Putting the gray areas aside, I think Mighty has done a good job in making this book relevant, easy in the eyes, and worth checking out.

So if you know someone who’s like a ghost wandering aimlessly, go encourage him/her to read this.

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