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Cat & Dog Theology
By Bob Sjogren, Gerald Robison
Authentic Media Patermoster Press (an reprint of CSM Publishing), 2017, P95.00

About the Authors

Bob Sjogren

His surname pronounced as “show-grin”, Bob is the president of UnveilinGLORY, an international educational and prophetic ministry whose goal is to assist local churches and individuals in the ministry of edification.

He also authored Unveiled at Last and co-authored Run with the Vision with Bill and Amy Steams. Bob also helped starting the Caleb Project and Frontiers ministries.

Gerald Robison

Gerald serves as the vice-president of UnveilinGLORY and a teacher and trainer for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries for over 30 years in over 24 different countries.

He also oversees recruiting, training, and dispersing of WTB teachers all over the world.


This book describes the silent, less obvious differences between the two types of Christians – the Cat and the Dog. Using the striking contrasts between the two animals’ behaviors, Cat & Dog Theology exposes how a Cat and a Dog live out the Christlike lifestyle through their actions, thinking, and prayer.


So this book is actually not a new one but rather a re-print of CSM Publishing with only a change in its cover design (not sure with the contents though). It’ll be part of the mini-book series CSM has this coming MIBF 38. Together with The Multiplication Challenge (currently reading), it’s such a privilege for me to read and share my thoughts about these amazing gems.

Enough said. Let’s start!

This review will discuss the strengths and weaknesses I’ve observed. If you’ve read this book and feel like some of my arguments are incorrect or incomplete, your constructive argument is very much welcome in the comment section šŸ™‚

Strong points


I’m not particularly a fan of top-down approach. Oftentimes, having me already know the conclusion the book goes at the very beginning suppress me from being thrilled at its content. But I think here is one exception where using such style is more effective.

In fact, it is!


Its basic concept runs in an idea that although both obtain eternal security, one thinks it’s the end while the other believes it’s just the beginning. This difference in ideology leads both Christians into separate paths – Cat in a distorted belief while the Dog in a purpose-filled life.

Basically, Cat thinks, “It’s all about me”. Dog says, “It’s all about You.”

Though it seems obvious which path one should take, the crucial part is that it’s all in the subconscious level. So subtle that it’s often unnoticeable.

These are fairly justified by the authors through their arguments and examples. Good job!

It is confronting.. the good way

The authors firmly say that one must have a Dog perspective (I agree) in living out the Christian life. So one has to read this book with an open mind and a heart willing to be corrected in order to fully grasp the concepts of this book.

That said, I like the fact that despite the frank comments about the Cat’s behavior, it doesn’t leave any bad taste on the reader.

Weak points


Whenever I buy a book, the first thing I look is the cover design. Though it has little significance compared to what’s inside, I bet you’ll agree that aesthetics is one way to attract more buyers.

For fairness sake, this design is a lot better than the original.. but failed to nail it somehow. It’s a little monotonic and bland I would say. There’s something in the light-green texture overlay that doesn’t contribute to the book’s overall appeal. Replacing it with a plain white background could have done the trick.

The design suggests a playful yet strong content so a vector image of a cat and a dog in a two-colored background (white + any light color) could have been a better option.

Content is more important but appeal should be considered.

God’s greatest glory?

God will get the greatest glory when every tongue of all tribes and nations gather together in worshipping Him.

While I agree that putting God’s glorification as the top priority when doing missions, mission itself is not the only way to give Him the maximum glory. Look up last chapter for reference.

We are all indeed ought to preach God’s Words in all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). But one does not need to travel the whole world in order to fulfil this commandment.. unless he really is called to do so.

Not all of us are called to do missions. But everyone should have a mission – that is to preach God’s Word.. whether within the community or outside.

Take that into consideration, that means God can also be glorified the most even when we’re not “out there in the field”.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to reject His commission and promote wrong thinking in the Church.

This article gives a good explanation of my conclusion.

I’m more than happy to be corrected here in case I misunderstood the presented ideas.

My Verdict

Man, I’ll speak at the heart level here. As I read the book and write this review, I can literally feel a strong battle within me – the battle between the Cat-me and the Dog-me.

It’s really been a humbling yet challenging experience for me to realize that all the while, I’ve been looking at this Christ-likeness thing in a self-centered perspective.. without me even realizing it. I hate to be vulnerable but I guess susceptibility allows one to be more sensitive of God’s small little voice. And I’m happy with the way it went.

At the end of the day, we all live for our Creator. And He deserves all the glory and adoration. Nothing less.

So mga kabasa, I strongly urge you to read this compelling book.

May you be blessed by this book as much as I do.

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