The 38th Manila International Book Fair

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It’s that time of the year again when Filipinos of all ages and walks of life come together for the love of reading: The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF).

Time do fly so fast!

In a blink of an eye, it’s MIBF again.. now on it’s 38th year!

For bookworms around the country, this only mean one thing – MEGATON OF BOOOOKS… ON SALE!!

Ask any book lover and they will all agree that this event is a literary heaven on earth.

But for those who are just starting in the world of books (I can’t find any other term), it pays to know what does this MIBF mean and why is it here in the first place?

What is MIBF?

The Manila Book Internation Fair is by far the biggest and longest running book fair in the Philippines. Here, vast collections of various genres of literature are showcased. Fiction, textbook, novels, everything.. just name it!

Usually lasting for 5 days, many of the exhibitors take this opportunity to sell their books through different promos. Last year, OMF Lit and Uber even offered free rides for first-time goers!

Aside from books with very low price, MIBF is also a go-to place for book launches, signings, forums, and even contests.

You can check out their website at Manila Book Fair.

The exhibitors

Well, it’s too many to mention so feel free to visit their site to see the complete list of exhibitors.

But to give you a glimpse, some of them are Adarna House, Church Strengthening Ministry, OMF Literature, National Book Store, and many many many more! So you better expect quality books scattered all over the place.

What should you prepare?

Good question.

To save you the hassle, make sure that you have these ready:

  • Money.. lots of it.
  • Preferably, a list of books you want to buy. This will at least save you from buying impulsively.
  • A bookish friend to help you out in deciding which books to buy.
  • A map. There should be a reception area where you can get a layout of where the book stalls are located.
  • Lastly, a pair of walk-stand-ready feet. Seriously, a day may not be enough for you to find the books that’ll interest you.

So there you go, see you this September 13-17. Don’t be late!

4 thoughts on “The 38th Manila International Book Fair

    1. warjie Post author

      Too bad πŸ™‚ What genres of book are you into? If you’re into Christian books, I think CSM Publishing (Church Strengthening Ministry) still has its Bodega Sale running until tomorrow.

        1. warjie Post author

          Great to know πŸ™‚ I’m yet to involve myself in those genres.

          Thanks for dropping by btw


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