The Values-Driven Heart: Weighing In on What Really Matters

Title: The Values-Driven Heart: Weighing In on What Really Matters
Author: Joey Bonifacio
EAN: 480652317491-6
Language(s): English
Publisher (2016): Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.


The Values-Driven Heart is a collection of Joey’s blog posts wherein his journey about learning life’s truest values are found.

In this book, Joey explores the different values of people and which of these are prioritized over the other. Also, this book discusses how each value affects our lifestyle and how we knowingly or unknowingly express our values in our daily lives.


Short but relevant.

It is interesting to know, just like what Joey explains, that our actions and behaviors are guided by what we value. The values we embrace the most get the most spotlight of our list. On the other hand, the values we least prioritize often pass barely unnoticed.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21

I mostly relate this verse to money. But it’s such a refreshment to have Joey elaborate that this treasure mentioned is actually about what we value (God, life, money, food, clothing, health).


The author uses brief paragraphs to explain his thoughts. In this writing style, one can initially feel that each point is prematurely ended. But personally, I think this is a good (though risky) technique to keep readers with short attention span.. like me.

Would I recommend it?

On a personal level, I’m really blessed to read this book as I realized (again) what drives my existence and that life is too short here on earth to spend it on something that’s simply not worthy. This book, with the help of the Holy Spirit, continuously help me to align my life priorities.

Do you want to know what drives you too?

If yes, then I urge you to read this book!

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2 thoughts on “The Values-Driven Heart: Weighing In on What Really Matters

  1. liza lazar (@ryoliz)

    Hi Warjie. First I want to commend you for taking that first step in advocating the love for books specially now that we’re in a very fast paced and technology driven society. However, the way you have presented your review on his writing style looks vague for me. Like when you say that “each point is prematurely ended”. You didn’t tell me the reason for this kind of comment. Also for the recommendation part, maybe it would be better if you’ve started your statement with “I’m personally blessed to read this book and I think you will feel the same way too.” Then tell your reason.
    Overall, the review was good for its straightforwardness and unbiased comment. Keep it up Warjie! You can do more than this… πŸ™‚

    1. warjie Post author

      Hey Liza thanks for dropping by and the honest review of my review (how ironic).

      I’ve been fairly new into this book reviewing thing so you can safely say that I’m still experimenting out on which will fit to my style and that yes… it still has a lot of things to improve.

      Speaking of it, I’ve really been trying hard to make a review that gives it all without giving too much information (sounds like a paradox to me though).

      For your first point (premature.. statement), you can call this a poor try of me to tap the readers’ curiosity as to why I came up with that statement. So in return, they’ll read the book and find out why.

      For the second argument (recommendation), I consciously chose this approach (perhaps given my personality?). As you can read, I asked the readers first with a very thought-provoking question (I hope so) before stating my final verdict to further engage the readers. It turns out it doesn’t work with all :p

      Anyway, thanks still for your suggestions and as I grow deeper in this fairly new industry, I hope I can give more justifiable, unbias reviews in the future. πŸ™‚

      Feel free to comment on my other articles too!


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