We, the Pinoy commoners, are just plain casual on almost everything.. well maybe not when it comes to politics :p

In my years of existence, I’ve noticed that there’s a strong connotation for most Noypis that books are only for the geeks.. and I want to erase that norm.

“Basa Tayo!”, or “C’mon let’s read!” in English, aims to give an impression that reading is definitely for everyone.. whatever class they may belong to. Like casually inviting a friend over a coffee, I hope this could somehow minimize, if not abolish, that long-established pattern.

Why you should read this blog?

My aim in this blog is to provide quality, thorough, and easy to understand reviews of books from various genres to give you an idea which is a good buy from the millions of books out there.

I’m no expert of books. But I’m a perfectionist.

So here’s a promise, I’ll do my best to give the most comprehensive and unbiased book review as much as I can.. ever!

You can start by reading my take about John Bevere’s Good or God? or Ardy Roberto’s Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin: Updated Edition.

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A short story

Just a little background how this Basa Tayo! thing started. Well, I’m not really a bookworm. Though I’ve read numerous books (and pocketbooks in my early years), my 10 tiny fingers are more than enough to count how many of those poor books I have finished reading.

So how did this website start?

It just so happen that I was testing my ATM card if it can be used for online transaction. Out of curiosity, I tried buying a domain.. and poof! It worked!!

The result was I have no more choice but to start getting serious into this blogging stuff.

If you’re wondering why I chose a book review site given my predicament, my reason for doing so is to engage myself more into reading for here’s what I believe: “A pimple-removal product sells more if a once acne-infested fella promotes it.”

The blogger in me

I’m not really new into blogging. In fact, I have several blogs before that I managed. But they were hosted in a free domain (WordPress) and this website is really my first personal domain.

My other blogs are Ink & Minds and LC Spurs if you’re curious.

I’m a very opinionated man and through writing, I get to release the throbbing thoughts inside me that I find hard to express vocally.

Who am I?


Wet look me playing basketball.

My name’s Warjie Malibago, the author of this site.

You can call me Warjie.

But please, don’t call me Warj. It sounds so unmanly.

I’m a Salesforce developer, a graphic designer, an aspiring writer (I’m yet to find an inspiration), a financial advisor wannabe, a Sunday school teacher, sports enthusiast (volleyball especially), and an adventurer.

Trivias about me

  • I’m a 90’s kid and has a huge crush with Anna Larrucea until now. “Buto, kalansay, tabi-tabi po sa bangkay. Lulubog, lilitaw sa saradong hukay..”
  • I like color blue as it helps me focus and relax (but why choose red as theme of this site?)
  • I’m a self-proclaimed environmentalist. Whenever I climb a mountain, I usually carry a garbage bag and sadly pick up those trashes left by people on my way down.
  • I learned how to swim by watching YouTube videos. And yes, I’m so proud of this accomplishment.
  • I’m a huge One Punch Man and Hunter X Hunter fan!

Thanks for dropping by.

Now grab a book and see how reading can transform your perspective in life.

God bless!