Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin: Updated Edition

Title: Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin: Updated Edition
Author: Eduardo “Ardy” Roberto Jr.
ISBN: 978-971-009-591-9
Language(s): Tagalog-English
Publisher: OMF Literature Inc.
Price: Php75.00


Coming off as a sequel of his previous book “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin”, Ardy Roberto, the author of the best-selling book “Ang Buhay na Hindi Bitin”, “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin: Updated Edition” aims to guide Filipinos in better managing their hard-earned money.Here, now added with Q&A from his readers after each chapter, Ardy talks about the 7 strategies to have a money that never run short.



The book targets the common Filipinos as the main audience. With simple yet straight to the point principles, supported by personal experiences and relevant news, Ardy was able to properly convey his messages to the readers.

Being a Christian author, he also made sure that each idea is backed up by several Bible verses, which is a plus for Christian readers.


Unlike other financial management books, the terminologies are fairly easy to understand. Though some of the contents discuss several investment schemes like UITF, generally there are no financial lingo that can make someone’s brain burst.


In my opinion, though having good contents, the book somewhat failed to widen the gap against the first release in terms of information since the second book is only a complete mirror of the first with minor revisions/additions.

A new book with more supporting details about the 7 principles and that discusses deeper financial strategies (and terminologies) could have made a huge difference.

Would I recommend it?

The book discusses high-level information about certain investment schemes.

For Pinoys starting out in their journey to financial freedom, it is a good book to start with.

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3 thoughts on “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin: Updated Edition

  1. hitokirihoshi

    For those already in personal finance, it’s like the author just sharing very basic things. however that’s point din to make non-frugal to learn the basic about money management and with matching words of wisdom from the bible .

    Dahil mura din ito (last time kong bumili around P50), minsan ko na itong ginawang Christmas gift sa mga kakilala ko especially for those na feeling ko need na magbasa., I thought baka boring sa kanila pero natuwa ako kasi may 2 tao na binigyan ko ay nagpasalamat sa akin. may isa nga na mag-asawa nakalimutan kong binigyan ko pala pero kahit years na ang nakalipas. Naalala nila at nakuwento pa akin . so effective 😉

    1. warjie Post author

      Ahh.. the one that you bought is probably the first book (yung walang Update Edition). This one is the second release with few changes/addition.

      That’s also the reason why I was somehow at least expecting this new release to be far more deeper than the first.

      Pero yes, it’s a good starting point for Pinoys na di na magkanda-ugaga kung paano ima-manage ang kanilang pera. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!


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