Before He Kills

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Title: Before He Kills: A Mackenzie White Mystery – Book #1
Author: Blake Pierce
Genre: Mystery
Language(s): English
Available on: Amazon, Google Play Store, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble


Mackenzie White is a top notch detective in a local police department. The irony is that, she appears to be the alpha male in the sea of neophyte and seasoned macho cops in terms of creativeness and thinking ability, which of course the male pack doesn’t take positively.When they found a naked, bloodied woman’s corpse tied up in a pole in a vast cornfield, White was faced with a challenge to uncover the hideous plans of a serial killer by deciphering the clues he deliberately leaves.

As another woman was found dead the same manner as before, White and the team were already in a frantic race to capture this stealthy villain.

Finally, White realized the killer’s motive when she (accidentally) unearthed the meaning of perhaps the most critical clue she has by doing what she calls “entering the killer’s mind”.. which in turn caused the culprit’s tragic demise after a nerve-wracking action.

At the end of the story, whatever bad memories and encounters in the past were healed. And like any other super heroine, she walks confidently to face the new enemies life will throw at her.


After reading Blake’s other piece titled Cause to Kill, here are the things I noticed:

  1. He’s fond of heroines.. and he makes sure they get the most spotlight.
  2. He likes making his protagonists go against the world.
  3. He’s used to incorporating religious connotations or alike.
  4. Number 3. I’ll let you find out what it is.

It’s not that it’s a bad thing but being a person who’s not into routine, I will easily get bored of reading different stories but with very similar twists. Maybe it’s just me though.

This was the first mystery (e)book I’ve read and honestly speaking, the story successfully made me stay despite me having a very short attention span (3 seconds I think?).

In general, my thoughts are pretty much the same with Cause to Kill.

Any takeaway?

Disregarding the similarities in the plots with the other book, it’s worthy to note that in this world, it’s really difficult to know how evil our surrounding is (or can be), like what this book conveys. One day you’re jogging peacefully, the next day you’re a dead meat already.

Personally, I’m not really into the idea of connoting the Scripture to whatever devilish actions a person can do. For me, a person who genuinely reads and takes the Bible’s messages by heart will not in any way commit such heinous crimes. Otherwise, he’ll be like a parrot mimicking whatever it hears or sees.

Another is being a critical observer, whether you’re a cop or not. Observing really isn’t my best suit and if you’ll leave me in a room to find and connect clues, in a minute you’ll hear me squeal like a pig! And I’m speaking without a time limit yet!

Like White, a good cop/detective needs to be a great observer. And any possibility, how low its chance may be, should never be taken lightly.

Would I recommend it?

For starters, it’s a good book to read.. so yes!

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